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Kitchen Transformation

This week I took it upon myself to work on a DIY project while my husband went on a business trip to Dublin Ireland. Ever since I bought my house I tolerated my kitchen, I always knew it wasn’t my dream kitchen, but I had seen worse, so I couldn’t complain too much. I have always fantasized about when I would be able to renovate it, and that day is sadly still very far off, however it’s a miracle what a little paint can do. This project was a lot of fun for me and I learned a lot about the basics of painting and through trial and error, I think it came out beautifully. I am so excited to share the before and after transformation of this project with you and even though all I did was paint my cabinets, my kitchen feels completely brand new. I no longer just tolerate it, I LOVE it!

This was my kitchen before I started this project. Both upper and lower cabinets were white, completely boring in my opinion and they always attracted cooking mishaps. I don’t know about you but lets be honest here, how often you scrub your kitchen cabinets? They were always an afterthought for me.

Here is the layout of my entire kitchen. Nothing to write home about folks. 🙂

White cabinets
Please disregard the mismatched wrinkled dishtowels 🙂

This DIY cabinet painting project was really simple, all I needed was paint, sandpaper, painters tape, a brush and small paint rollers. I started off using a standard paint brush and paint roller but then I discovered a different brush that was an absolute godsend and the other paint brush and roller went out the window… Figuratively, not literally everyone. 🙂

Behr Marquee Night Club Semi Gloss
The paint I used was Behr Marquee in Night Club with a semi gloss finish.

This is the brush that saved my sanity! I tried this brush on one of the cabinet doors and after that I was hooked, I didn’t use anything else for the entire project. If you are planning a cabinet makeover like this or simply going to paint a piece of furniture I would recommend using this brush.

Wooster Shortcut 2" paintbrush
This is the iconic paintbrush that made this project so enjoyable! Take my advice and go out and buy it for your project,  you will thank me later!

This is the part you all have been waiting for, you may have even scrolled to the bottom of this post just to see the transformation, that’s okay too. Painting my cabinets was the best idea I have had to bring life back into my kitchen. This labor of love took about two full days to finish and I think every muscle in my body. Everything hurt, and after the first day I had contemplated taking a day off in between to recuperate but once the Aleve kicked in I was ready to power through and finish the project.

I know that drawer is missing a knob, and I have no idea where it disappeared to. Maybe the cats decided to take off with it.
Dishtowels are a little less wrinkled here, at least they aren’t mismatched like in the before photo.

I hope you enjoyed getting to see my kitchen transform into something magical. I love how elegant it looks and I look forward to cooking in there now that my kitchen has had a face-lift. I have to contribute my inspiration to all the home renovations I have seen on HGTV because without all those shows I probably wouldn’t have thought to paint the lower cabinets a different color than the upper ones. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope you have a fun experience giving your own cabinets a new look!

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