Disneyland, My Happiest Place on Earth!

One of my favorite places to go visit is Disneyland. Throughout my college years I had a Disneyland yearly pass and I even worked there for 2.5 years. To be honest, the fact that I worked at Disneyland may have been one of the reasons my husband took an interest in me before we started dating.

We met in an English class in college and the subject of Disneyland got brought up by one of my professors. This is when my husband, then classmate, found out I worked there and could get him into the park for free. As soon as he knew that, he had mentioned that maybe we could go together sometime, and the rest is history.

We both have a mutual love for all things Disney and Disneyland is one of our favorite places to go together. Over the past weekend we decided to take our yearly Disneyland trip and had a blast. Around this time of year Disneyland has a discounted ticket for Southern California Residents so we tend to take advantage of those discounts and go to one park per day and stay the night in a hotel. Going to one park per day has its advantages and you don’t feel stretched for time when wanting to get everything done.

We are just a couple of big kids at our favorite place!

Our first day was at the Disneyland Park and we got to go on every ride we love without having to wait in major lines. The longest we waited for a ride was about 35-40 minutes which isn’t bad considering when the parks are really busy you could be waiting for 60+ minutes for a ride which cuts into the fun day you have planned. I have always told friends and family that the best time to go to Disneyland is January-February and in September, the remaining parts of the year are usually always super busy and packed full of people. A over populated Disneyland is one I absolutely try to avoid at all costs, so this time of year always feels like the perfect time to go.

We spent the morning going on the rides on the left-hand side of the park such as Indiana Jones and the Haunted Mansion and then we stopped for lunch. There is one meal I always must get when I go to Disneyland and that is their iconic Monte Cristo sandwich. They have this dish at two locations in Disneyland, one is the Blue Bayou Restaurant and the other is at Café Orleans restaurant in New Orleans Square.

If you haven’t been in the Blue Bayou Restaurant before, I highly suggest it. The ambiance and experience of eating alongside The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is an enjoyable experience. We have eaten inside the Blue Bayou every time just to get the Monte Cristo until we realized that they also have the Monte Cristo sandwich across the walkway at the Café Orleans restaurant. You can get the exact same sandwich with a little less ambiance. The Monte Cristo is worth getting at least once in your lifetime but be sure to share it with someone because this sandwich is huge and can be shared easily between two people.

Monte Cristo Sandwich
I really wish I could go there again just for this meal. SO GOOD!

After a quick ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad after lunch we decided to go back to our hotel to rest for awhile so that we could stay at the park till almost closing time.

Hyatt House hotel Anaheim
Nap Time! Even adults need some rejuvenation every once in awhile, especially since Disneyland tends to drain your energy!

Later on that evening we went back to Disneyland and we met up with a couple of friends and finished all the rides we missed earlier in the day. We missed out on the fireworks due to updates being done on Main Street but while waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean we got to listen to the Fantasmic show which is always fun.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirates Life for Me
Cinderella's castle, disneyland baloon
Even though we missed out on the fireworks display, I was able to get this beautiful picture of the castle lit up at night.

Unfortunately, our second day at Disney’s California Adventure was a bit more lackluster. A majority of the park was under construction so there was only a couple of rides that we wanted to go on. All the kiddie rides were open, but for us it was a much quicker trip that day. However, we are looking forward to when all the updates are complete because the changes they are making are very promising.

I hope you enjoyed getting to join us on our Disney weekend and that you too can experience the magic that we always feel each time we step into the Disneyland Parks.


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  1. Surprises me how warm it is there. You never let me rest when I took you there. I was always worn out. But I had fun watching you.

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