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I am so excited to share this story with you, my Dad wrote a guest post for my blog about my old dog Brandy and her adventures with the neighborhood animals. Even our dog Max got to share in some of her wildlife adventures. So without further ado here is the story my Dad wanted to share with you: 

Wal-Mart and Target and CVS Oh My! Wal-Mart and Target and CVS Oh My! Well, I guess ruby slippers aren’t going to help me with this…

Where there once were dairies, cornfields, farms, horses, goats, sheep, and open land, there is now a plethora of Wal-Marts, Targets, CVS pharmacies, malls, apartments and new homes. That’s the difference between the city of Chino 32 years ago and the city of Chino we live in now. It’s sad to think as time went by these open fields were transformed into stores and restaurants and now some of those stores and restaurants are still sitting empty… But this isn’t a sad, weeping story, this is a story about what is left of the old city of Chino.

We’re lucky enough to live in a residential area that is just a block away from an area that is unincorporated and still has horse property, and as my wife and I take our elderly Lab on our morning walk, we still have a chance to see some of the farm animals, most of which left many years ago.

Our Lab, Brandy is a very well-mannered dog. As we walk the neighborhood, she is just as happy as she can be, to be out and about. She tries to make friends with dogs behind fences. Sometimes it works out, sometimes the other dogs have a bit of attitude with her and she just happily moves on leaving them barking in her wake. Brandy can be a bit standoffish too as you will hear about later.

Black lab,
Brandy staying at my daughter’s house.

As we wander into the unincorporated area, we happen upon several yards that have goats. There is one yard with three goats: papa goat, mama goat, and baby goat (no they don’t have three different beds of varying comfort levels, that was the three bears). These goats love it when we stop by with carrots. Papa goat is a bit greedy and takes most of them. Even without carrots, these three goats come running to the fence to see us. Papa goat stands up on the fence to get a better view of us and is almost as happy to have us pet his head as he is to get carrots. You have to watch out though, the chain link fence has sharp points on top and I have the scar to prove it where Papa Goat pushed my arm down onto the sharp points with his head.

It was just across the street from here where we saw a pheasant running around in someone’s driveway. I have never seen a wild pheasant, let alone one in a residential area.

Pheasant, residential area, driveway
Mr. Pheasant strolling around on someone’s driveway in the neighborhood.

Further down the street is a yard with a house that sits way back on the property. On the porch of this house sits a medium size light brown dog. The minute he sees us he comes running down to his wrought iron fence barking and showing his teeth. Brandy has gone up several times to make friends but no luck. So, she moves on to the next field, where she has a friend.

This friend is a bit of a temperamental friend. It’s a hen turkey. There are sheep, goats, chickens, a Tom Turkey and this Hen Turkey in this yard. And the minute that this hen turkey sees Brandy coming, it comes running over to the fence to greet her. Followed by her over-protective mate, Mr. Tom Turkey. The hen is reddish brown, and the Tom is black and white and he’s actually a very unique looking bird.

Male turkey
Mr. Tom Turkey in all his glory.

Anyway, this hen rushes over to the fence to see Brandy, but as soon as Brandy puts her nose up to the fence the hen pecks at her. This doesn’t hinder Brandy from continuing with checking out the hen… They have a unique love-hate relationship. And Mr. Tom is right there making sure nothing goes on that he doesn’t approve of. There was one day that Mr. Tom didn’t approve of what was going on and he started stomping his feet and ruffling his feathers. We didn’t want to antagonize him, so we continued on our way.

We were gone for a week over Thanksgiving, but it was sure nice to come back afterward and see both turkeys still strutting their stuff in their yard.

Further down the street is a young dog, that looks like a short haired pointer or something similar. This young dog is the sweetest dog we encounter on our walk and is so interested in Brandy. This young’un’ comes running over to the fence to see Brandy, and Brandy takes a quick peek and sniff then wants to continue on her way, thus the stand-offish side of her. If this pointer can’t get attention from Brandy, it will turn to us as second fiddle replacements to pet its head and scratch behind its ears.

After that, it’s on our way back home, Brandy leading the way, looking under cars for cats, of which she would never hurt one. She stays with our daughter and son-in-law when we are out of town and they have two cats. One ignores her altogether, one comes down and wanders the house but hisses at her when she gets too close. Brandy just likes the game of looking for cats. It’s kind of like an Easter egg hunt for her. Although, we think her eyesight may be getting a little bad as she has been known to stalk plastic owls, dark rocks and shadows thinking they were cats.

So where does this all lead? Back to the beginning and thinking about Chino of old. If you look you can still find some of those areas and the animals that go with it. But, now you will mostly find shopping centers, apartments, and homes… and lots and lots of cars… Please don’t get me started on the traffic issues…

By: Steve Pruitt

Firstly I want to thank my Dad for sharing this story and I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing Brandy’s playmates while exploring the neighborhood with her. I wanted to include some pictures my Dad had sent me when our dog Max got to meet Mr. Tom and Hen Turkey for the first time as well. 

Akita dog, black lab dog, turkey, goats
Brandy introducing Max to Mr. Tom and Hen Turkey
Akita Mix Dog, Turkey, Goats
Max isn’t so sure about Mr. Tom Turkey.

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  1. From Pauline and I, who ourselves are absolute lovers of all animals, mammals, and whatever, we enjoyed the story and pictures.

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