Why I Decided to Quit My Nine-to-Five Job

It all began roughly eleven months ago when I began questioning if my job at my current workplace was worth my sanity. I had been tossing the idea around for several months, scared to take the plunge, unsure of where life would take me next and within months of having nothing left to give at the end of a workday, the uncertainty melted away and that telltale straw did break the camel’s back. But first, let’s go back to before this began when I was slowly beginning to find myself.

When I graduated from college with a degree in English Literature I still wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take with my life. Several of my friends had decided to become teachers and had a path they were destined to take. I on the other hand still felt lost, so I got my first job out of college and began on my own path of being an administrative assistant and later an office manager. From there I basically turned into a career gypsy, moving on from one job to another every couple of years.

Years later I ended up marrying my college boyfriend and less than a year after that we bought a house and moved to the suburbs near my hometown where I returned to the workplace that had encompassed my employment throughout my college years. I honestly had hopes and dreams that I would work there for the rest of my life. I was going to learn how to do my job from one of the best office managers I had known and was ready to take on any challenges that came my way.

But my ideas about my journey dissolved when my mentor retired suddenly and the company was acquired. I am sure if you ask anyone that has been part of an acquisition, they will tell you that there are several changes and many challenges that are inevitable and will affect everyone involved in the company. My job went from being a standard desk job working 8-hour days to now working 10-12+ hour days trying to do two separate jobs. One was tying up the loose ends of the old company while doing my new job for the company that acquired us. I was never afraid of changes or challenges, I accepted them and was willing to work through any issues that came my direction. I have always enjoyed learning new processes and gaining knowledge to add to my resume, but after many months of juggling these two roles and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel I was realizing that I couldn’t do this anymore, I truly felt like I had nothing left at the end of the day. I realized that all I was doing was living for the weekend, Monday thru Friday was a living hell and I didn’t want to live that way anymore, and after many conversations with my husband discussing if this was a plausible idea and what path I should take, we both agreed I should take the plunge, I needed to live my dream, or at least give it a shot.

I have had many dreams and career concepts I considered for my life but my biggest dream was to become a writer and publish my work. Throughout my life, I had loved writing fiction and had several projects throughout my schooling that allowed me to dabble in it, but I truly started to satisfy that itch of creating worlds for my characters while in high school writing scripts with my best friend. As years went on I ended up writing less, and once I graduated college and started living in the real world, the writing was almost a distant memory, but it always had a special place in my heart and I refused to let it burn out. I always kept coming back to the book I started writing while in college and I was determined to have it published someday. This reason and this reason alone was why I decided to leave my standard nine-to-five job, to bring life to a passion that had almost been snuffed out because of a job that took all that I had and left nothing for the creative mind to bask in.

If I could offer any advice I would tell you not to ever give up on your dreams and to always believe in yourself no matter the circumstance. I almost let a job consume my entire being and not in a good way. I had to escape from that to properly reintroduce myself to me and to my true passions, as well as to discover new things about myself. Never settle for your life you are living if you aren’t following your dreams and loving every second of it. Reach for your dreams, because you are the only one that can achieve them, no one will do it for you.

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