Decorating for the Holidays

Decorating for different holidays has been something I have always enjoyed doing throughout my life. When I was a kid I would decorate my room for Halloween with fake cobwebs and plastic spiders, and for Christmas I would string multicolored foil garland across my bedroom. While my parents would hang a multitude of stockings in the living room and set up our Christmas village complete with fake snow and as a family we would hang ornaments on the tree.

When I moved into my own home I was already planning on carrying on the same traditions. I wanted to be able to decorate my home for every season of the year, from Spring to Winter. This year I wanted to share a bit of my decorating for the holidays and spread a little holiday cheer from my home to yours.

Merry and Bright Christmas Pillow
When I saw these red pillows in the store I fell in love with them. My couch and living room decor is mostly beige, so having these added a pop of color and Christmas cheer to the room.
Christmas Mantle
Winter is my favorite season to decorate my mantle. I am able to use a majority of these decorations through the whole season. When Christmas is over I put away the stockings, but I leave up the snow birds and trees because they remind me of winter and I don’t want to take them down right away.
Reindeer snow globe.
This is my second snow globe that I have had as a part of my holiday decorations. The first one was knocked off the mantle at my old apartment by none other than my cat Malcolm. I have since decided that a mantle is no place for a snow globe when our cat likes to walk across them.
Christmas puppy pillow
I am such a sucker for stuffed animals and Christmas time is my excuse to use them as decorations. As soon as I put them on display, my dog Maximus tried to take one of them for himself.
Decorated Christmas Tree
This is the second tree we’ve had in our household. Our cats tend to want to chew through the lights that are wired throughout its branches. So far this year they haven’t chewed this one. Lets hope they can just be content with sleeping underneath it.


I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak into my home and seeing how festive it can be during the holidays. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my home to yours.

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